FIF – Green financing to ProCredit carrying AG & Co. KGa. Your panels plays a role in the goals of this FIF, supporting the Competitive and Resilient change traits.

FIF – Green financing to ProCredit carrying AG & Co. KGa. Your panels plays a role in the goals of this FIF, supporting the Competitive and Resilient change traits.


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Task Story

The project will supporting PCH to get to know growing customer interest in green funding in view and supply much needed funding to finance the carried on growth of the its green mortgage collection (CAGR of 34per cent over 2016 – 2019). Because would be required according to the Policy Statement, EBRD funding can be used by PC Serbia and PC Romania to give loans to regional SMEs in line with the objectives regarding the FIF.

Task Goals

Older unsecured phase mortgage all the way to EUR 20 million to PCH for on-lending to qualified Sub-borrowers by ProCredit Serbia (“PC Serbia”) and ProCredit Romania (“PC Romania”). The Borrower will carry out to ensure the quantity of this facility (i.e. EUR 20 million) is on-lent by Computer Serbia and Computer Romania to eligible sub-borrowers within a two-year stage, in line with the qualification standards under PS. The funding will likely be aimed utilizing the ProCredit carrying Green relationship platform along with using the EBRD Purchase means. The EBRD expense will supporting businesses development and SME financing in Serbia and Romania on the basis of the objectives for the economic Intermediaries platform (“FIF”).

Transition Results

Your panels plays a role in the objectives associated with the FIF, giving support to the Competitive and resistant changeover properties. FIF tries to:

(i) Foster SME competition by growing availability of financing; and contribute to the competitiveness of finance institutions by allowing creativity in strategy, products, processes and promotion pertaining to SME financing.

(ii) By ensuring that banking companies as well as other financial institutions have adequate underwriting and risk administration ways in position, the FIF in addition seeks to motivate sustainable lending tactics, supporting the resilience in the economic climate.

Customer Details


ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGaA (the “Company”, “PCH”), a collaboration restricted to offers integrated in Germany. PCH is actually a banking class emphasizing funding SMEs, with diversified surgery via payday loans AR 12 banking subsidiaries, out of which 93% of mortgage portfolio is situated in South-Eastern European countries (70percent) (“SEE part”) and Eastern European countries (23%) – coinciding with 10 EBRD countries of operations. The rest of businesses can be found in South America i ProCredit Bank Ecuador (6per cent) and Germany (1per cent).

EBRD Finance Overview

Complete Task Expense


The financial institution is actually extra because of its conditions: (i) the financial institution’s service is known as instrumental in properly fulfilling PCH’s expanding clients demand for green financing, and (ii) in promoting sufficient financial resources for PCH to expand their SME financing functions. Characteristics: EBRD provides big experience in giving support to the SME financing and it is a seasoned person in GET-eligible funding of finance institutions; Conditionalities: EBRD’s profits would be channelled towards financing SMEs when you look at the view Countries.

Ecological and Public Summary

Categorised FI (2014 ESP). ProCredit was an existing customer to your lender and can continue steadily to conform to EBRD’s abilities needs 2, 4 and 9, such as the applying of a sufficient environmental and personal threat control program (ESMS), adherence toward E&S issues administration process of Micro, SME and Corporate credit, and additionally EBRD’s environment and societal qualifications Conditions for Wind, Solar, Biomass, Hydro and Geothermal stamina, as relevant. The ESMS might implemented at each and every subsidiary and addresses 3 pillars: inner ecological management, management of ecological and personal threats in financing and eco-friendly loans. ProCredit’s latest Green job profile was application. EUR 874 million and has cultivated 34per cent CAGR in 2016-2019 and further 10per cent in 1H2020. The contract between ProCredit and EBRD includes a commitment to allocate the EBRD investment total the view nations to give new financial loans to neighborhood SMEs. The project are consistent with the GET strategy and attain express are 100percent.